Budget Beginners Tutorials Ep. 2 – Timeline & Interface

Hi everyone! This weekend, I managed to complete Episode 2 of the Budget Beginners Tutorials. In this episode, I start by explaining the structure of the timeline. Then I describe how layers (tracks) work, and how to understand what’s going on with the playhead (cursor in VSDC) and time codes. The second half of the

November 2021 Thirty Days #14 – Not A Short!

Oh man, I have project ADD! Before even finishing my planned November project, I’ve started a mega-undertaking. So in fact, this new idea may take over from my original plan of creating 30 shorts in 30 days. Youtube has a ton of beginner video tutorials. Yet, I still haven’t found a single one-stop shop that

November 2021 Thirty Days #13 – Cooking Japanese Curry From Scratch

Here’s my first try at a cooking vlog. It is not a tutorial, though the recipe is semi-original. I found it in the now-gone Japanese Food Report blog, but over the years I’ve changed the ingredients and amounts. But filming cooking on portrait, with a smart phone, was not easy. I used books to prop