Budget Beginner’s Tutorials Sample Project – Making Shepherd’s Pie Short

This short shows what you can do with the skills and processes taught in Episodes 1-4 of the Budget Beginner’s Tutorials. Essentially, you can make punchy videos about your life, hobbies and holidays. Because I wanted to make a YouTube Short, this video had to be less than 60 seconds long. So, the main challenge

Budget Beginners Tutorials Ep.4 – Exporting Your Project

This tutorial wraps up the basic knowledge that you need to edit your first home video end-to-end. Exporting is the process where you create a new video file incorporating all the edits. In this tutorial, I explain the concepts of file formats, codecs, and bit rates. One extra tidbit over and above what’s in the

Budget Beginners Tutorials Ep.3 – Your First Project

When I first started learning how to make videos, I needed a lot of trial and error to get to a decent(ish) end product. Therefore, I created this series to help people learn how to make videos using free tools. Instead of parading software features, I want to share practical tips step by step. This