Doing the work of several people? 5 Survival Tips

Your team is doing fine… and then, someone leaves. Someone else goes on maternity. Another coworker gets married, and cashes in on their carefully-accrued leave quota to take a month-long honeymoon break. If you’re extra unlucky, yet another co-worker has a car accident and gets laid up for a month. All of a sudden, the

Vlogging Diary wk 10 (super belated): My Polygamous Relationship with Editing Software, Part 2

This update is long overdue – 2 months ago, I bought a $25 Humble Bundle. As a result, I had Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 16 and Magix Video Pro X11. Although these are old versions of the software (that’s why they are cheap), they still have enough features to test out. Therefore, I edited Pandas