November 2021 Thirty Days #14 – Not A Short!

Oh man, I have project ADD! Before even finishing my planned November project, I’ve started a mega-undertaking. So in fact, this new idea may take over from my original plan of creating 30 shorts in 30 days.

Youtube has a ton of beginner video tutorials. Yet, I still haven’t found a single one-stop shop that covers both conceptual knowledge and software how-to’s that starts from the very beginning. Yes, that point when you’ve hit “record” on your smartphone but have no idea what frame rates and resolution are, or why they matter.

Typically to get to the point where you can create videos without having to know all this, you need to spend $50 to $100 for “beginner” software, or use iMovie if you have a Mac. But not everyone has the budget for this. So I want to create a completely free resource, using free or nearly-free tools, to put together everything I learned from failing fast. Hopefully, this will enable new beginners on a budget to learn enough fundamentals that they can navigate free software without the need for intense troubleshooting. Enjoy!

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