November 2021 Project: 30 Shorts in 30 Days

Wait, does microvlogging exist, or am I creating a new word? For sure, microblogging is a thing. Instead of a full blog, Facebook and Twitter allow you to post short pieces of written content. And YouTube Shorts are the vlog equivalent of microblogging. They’re bite-size, mobile-format videos within your YouTube channel. Currently, I’m still in

Vlogging Diary wk 10 (super belated): My Polygamous Relationship with Editing Software, Part 2

This update is long overdue – 2 months ago, I bought a $25 Humble Bundle. As a result, I had Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 16 and Magix Video Pro X11. Although these are old versions of the software (that’s why they are cheap), they still have enough features to test out. Therefore, I edited Pandas