A Realistic Look at Pandemic Weekending

The real reason why I created this vlog: I want to practice my GIMP and VSDC skills, create more relatable content, and connect with others.

The real message within this vlog: Constantly upskilling and showcasing your talents can be really exhausting. One year into the pandemic, a lot of the positive pep-talk is getting old, and frankly, unrealistic. When we try new things, it is always high-effort. So balancing it out with allowing yourself to fall back on easy, familiar tasks and accepting mistakes and imperfections is sometimes essential for your mental health.

The reality behind this vlog: The action filmed in this video spanned two weekends. On the first weekend, I made a pair of simple elastic waist pants and got the grain wrong (90 degrees to what it should be), but the pants are still comfy and wearable. On the second weekend, I added voice-overs and the intro / conclusion footage, did all the editing, and really leaned into GIMP to improve on my thumbnail creation skills.

Watch it here:

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