November 2021 Thirty Days #6 – Remembering the year my Prime Minister broke into song at the National Day Rally Speech

Of all the things I will remember about 2021… it was the year when our Prime Minister burst into song during the National Day Rally Speech. The speech was over 2 months ago, so this video is long overdue. However, I want to record it for my future memories.

I suppose that the song would be familiar for the 80-and-up set, since it was released in 1937. And the message is partly to console seniors who are worried about COVID-19. Nonetheless, the lyrics resonate with the broader situation, even though younger people may not know the song.

My late dad used to hum parts of this song to himself, but not the meaningful part of the lyrics. So, I used to think of it as a children’s song (not)! Actually, it’s quite poignant.

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