When you get desperate enough to cut your own hair…

This pandemic has gone on for long enough… I can’t recall when I last went to the park, spent a day downtown, or visited the hairdresser. In fact, I have not used a public restroom since 17th March, 2020!

One of my first purchases during lockdown was a pair of hairdresser’s scissors – sharp ones for cutting, and thinning scissors with comb-shaped blades. Thus far, I have used them twice. Here is a video of my DIY haircut process:

If there’s anything we gained from the COVID-19 pandemic, plunging into the depths of our self-sufficiency probably comes up front and centre. Before this, my last attempt at a self-haircut was back in JC1, right before the Pre-U Seminar. There is still photographic evidence of me with a hilariously choppy fringe at the NUS hostel room during Pre-U Sem week, lying somewhere in my mum’s house. Hopefully this attempt is better!

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