Pandas for Productivity Vlog Ep.8: 4 Key SQL Concepts For Business People

Why this topic?

SQL isn’t only for data engineers and analysts. In a world where businesses need to be nimble and respond quickly to changes, everyone needs to be up-to-date with key metrics. Therefore, as business managers, we still need a working knowledge of how to manipulate SQL queries for quick insights.

What it covers:

If you understand these 4 concepts, you can make sense of SQL queries that your analysts send you. You’ll also feel confident to make small tweaks.

  • What are numerical and categorical data columns, and the purposes they serve to give you insights
  • How to figure out where your data is coming from, and build relationships between data tables
  • How to filter your data to only what you need
  • Building custom categories out of the data that you have

Watch it here:

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